(In english) greytogreen, the perfect ”LEGO-piece” grows – in Sweden and in Europe!

100 % commmitted members of the greytogreen networkmeeting
Some of the 100 % commmitted & dedicated members of the greytogreen networkmeeting 2014. Read more about greytogreen international www.greytogreen.com

Just back from my fifth greytogreen networkmeeting in Nice, France together with other facilitators I feel encouraged in my choice, to not only bringing greytogreen to Sweden, but also to develop it and making it grow. All stories that I have heard about all kind of steps that participants all over Europe have made, make me confident that the concept not only works but really is an incredibly important piece of LEGO for all education that businesses invest in.

The greytogreen piece of LEGO fits with every company & with every training, where you want the participants to grow and really take one more step.

Sometimes it can stand by itself and give co-workers  apossibility to develop their selfleadership in general. It often fits as an important piece of LEGO in the staircase building meaning that co-workers really can take the steps necessary. It could be strategic challenges, important projects to be started or prior to new steps.

By that I mean regardless of the step you yourself would like to take, or wish that your co-workes should take greytogreen open up for important individual reflection making work more conscious, responsible and dedicated.

At the network meeting Annika Asking participated for the first time. I am enormously pleased that Annika from now on joins me in shaping greytogreen Sweden (Scandinavia). Annika is the second certified greytogreenpartner in Sweden and it feels very inspiring to work together with Annika, albeit in our different companies. We have already had our first joint workshop, and there are surely more to come!

greytogreen scandinavia Annika Asking Birgitta Olofson
greytogreen Sweden (Scandinavia) Annika Asking Birgitta Olofson
Mireille, Annika & Diane in a green moment
Mireille, Annika & (one of the three founders, and the heart of greytogreen) Diane in a green moment

About SteP Education

The core of my business is counseling. As a adviser (counselor) I work to support business directors in creating business benefit, when they choose to invest in education. This choice of education emanates in various assignments, but always with the business benefit as starting point. Sometimes selfleadership and greytogreen is a prerequisite  for individuals to really be able to take another step.

I would even like to state that if co-workers are not able to lead themselves in a conscious way, the business benefit is drastically reduced regardless of what other investments  you make in your business.

Jag skulle till och med vilja påstå, att om medarbetarna inte KAN leda sig själv på ett medvetet sätt, minskar affärsnyttan drastiskt oavsett vilka övriga investeringar du gör i din verksamhet.