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Carl Groth Olsson

”I attended ”grey to green” hosted/facilitated by Birgitta and must confess that I was highly impressed. Over the days she helped us work through a number of cases to practice the grey to green tool in a very hands om way. In our company we have continued to send managers to Birgitta for this basic training on how to be a better leader. And so far, all of them have returned with a smile on their lips and a load of new ideas on how to address everyday situations in a leaders work life. I give her my best recommendations.”

Carl Groth Olsson, Groth Invest


Ingela Lidén

”Birgitta is a true professional in everything she does. I have had the opportunity to meet her in her work in EFL as well as in her role as a project manager for Styrelsekraft and had the same good experienc. Her ability to get a group together and build a solid foundation for discussions and networking is very beneficial. She invest time in getting to know people and what they want and that is a base for her good matching adept versus mentors. Her company SteP Education support people to take their next step. All in all I give Birgitta my best recommendations.”

Ingela Lidén, Interim Manager and board member


Sophie Persson

”Birgitta is a hands-on and passionate project leader who manages to bring together the most diverse people to a common purpose, a skill which requires attentiveness and drive. Furthermore, her receptiveness makes her advice on competence development to the point and tailor-made for the individual and the organisation. Your investment in her services will pay off. And she is a shrewd business woman.”

Sophie Persson, Professional Board Member & Corporate Board Specialist


Det är en sak att få fram en utbildning eller nätverksträff och köra igång den med rätt upplägg. Birgitta har även förmågan att tänka i nya banor och hitta nya sätt att inspirera. Ett gemensamt förtroende och i viss mån även personkemi är mycket viktigt för att deltagarna ska ta till sig utbildningen och verkligen reflektera.

Karin Wehlin, professionell Styrelseledamot

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