Is it alright as a consultant to show vulnerability, or is it bad for my business? You judge me!

It´s time to reach out to my greater Network for support

Or – Is it alright as a consultant to show vulnerability, or is it bad for my business? You judge me!

After 7 ½ years as an entrepreneur, I am facing a new challenge. A challenge that almost no Consultant would dream of sharing; I have very few assignments booked this spring and I have free time in my Calendar!

Due to personal circumstances my Time and Energy for meeting my Network, and meeting potential customers has not been enough. That is a fact. I have of course met my customers who asked for me (Thankyou for being there!) But working this way is Devastating for a consultant as myself, working so much with Focus, Energy and Presence in every meeting. I would never dream of putting up a facade and not being the true me, so I have had very few meetings during the late fall and winter.

Since I myself work a lot with defining “good Network” in different ways, I now truly ask myself; What IS the value of a good Network? Is it only taking and no giving? Is it only giving, or is it bothways?

What happens when you show your vulnerability in this way? Do you judge me, for not “Working hard enough” – Do you pitty me for “not being strong enough”? Or could you imagine reaching out a hand and say – hey that happens to me too. You are brave to do this and I am willing to support you!

IF you are in favour of supporting!
My suggestion on 3 different ways to do so. Hoping they are true business value for you! (I am asking for support- not Help!)

  1. Do you have a meeting or a workshop coming up? Use me as a Facilitator for your meeting, or a workshopleader for a workshop in the areas of Personal Selling, Leadership and Company Culture. (Find inspiration here) Boost your meeting with FOCUS & ENERGY!
  2. Send yourself or someone to my greytogreen workshop! No 36 April 12+13 or No 37 June 27+28. A workshop to gain and save Energy in your leadership! (OR – train to be a greytogreen-facilitator yourself!)
  3. Have your next meeting, or workshop in my green room (Hopefully with me as a faciliator). A great light room on the veranda in Lund with lots of energy.

Even if you cannot support me, thankyou for listening and sharing my story! i really do appreciate it, and hope I can support you! Just tell me how.

//Birgitta +46 73 442 81 18

Boost your meetings – With Focus and Energy and create true business value!

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