”The 2-day workshop of greytogreen™ is not a “wow-course” soon forgotten, much more the opposite! It stays and grows”

1, What is SELF-leadership?

What is leadership? Good leadership includes listening to your co-workers, being devoted and giving continuous feedback. It also includes finding the inner motivation of the co-workers to create change and to stimulate every person into taking responsibility. It is equally important to cherish their creativity which brings the company forward.

The difference in SELF-leadership is that you put yourself in focus and take time for your own personal development. greytogreen™ is about taking one more step.

Good SELF-leadership means;


2. Are you curious of how greytogreen™ works and would you like to find out more?

A few things on the content, the setup and the pedagogy.

greytogreen™ is an active workshop where you and the other participants will get both eye-openers and confirmations. The pedagogy and the educational material are based on dialogue, clarity, own perceptions, overview and a feeling of an urge to act.

In a safe environment and with an outstanding pedagogy we go through the entire process “from grey to green”. It gives a unique overview in SELF-leadership that is possible to explore in several steps.

You will learn how to use the model and you will be given time to practice.

You will be given a possibility to examine what motivates you and you will get a perception of how you handle various situations today, both in professional and in private life.

greytogreen™ has introduced the concept “Safe environment learning”. This means that you, and only you, set the limit of how much you would like to share of the conclusions you make at the workshop.

greytogreen™ is possible to use both in an open setting and in an intra-company setting, in this case preferably with participants facing a common challenge e.g. a project start-up or an upcoming change.

3. What is the business advantage with greytogreen?

What is the business advantage with good SELF-leadership?

Co-workers who are good at leading themselves are better at seeing and above all using their full potential and to accomplish the continuous changes required in today’s companies and organizations. Co-workers with a high level of integrity are safe facing changes, they know themselves better and they act consciously. They also show more commitment and responsiveness in the situations they are facing.

Those who have entered greytogreen’s SELF-leadership have, on top of personal development, gained knowledge to act consciously in:

Changemanagement, Decision-making, Conflict management, Project start-up, and creative challenges.

What is good for people – is good for companies


4. Who can participate?

Anybody who is curious about finding each inidividuals potential, for a team and/or a company. Anybody who wants an overview to gather all previous knowledge and gained experiences within the area of personal development, in a concrete as well as clear model. It is a supplementary course for you who carefully choose education for your personal development and would like a proven concept with a model giving new perceptions rather than a book on the shelf.

5. greytogreen™ an international concept

greytogreen™ has been developed for many years and is not only international, it is also a proven concept based on that everybody has a possibility to make a change. The concept is well elaborated and highly recommended. The three founders with Diane van den Berge in front have invested plenty of brain power rather than speed in making this good, and that shows! The model “from grey to green” is easy to understand and it gives an overview of an area often made complex. It takes time to simplify!

Birgitta Olofson is the first certified greytogreenpartner and workshopleader in Sweden. This means that I, apart from my own participation in the course on several occasions, have undergone specific training from the founder. Furthermore I have held many courses in Skåne with both Swedish and international participants. Would you like to know more www.greytogreen.com

6. Are you open to find a future classic piece of Lego?

In my old box of Lego there were many pieces that were special. No matter how fantastic they were, I still preferred to start with the basic pieces of Lego. The same goes for education. Many companies have found pieces of Lego that always fit in the on-going construction work and that are stable enough to withstand further constructions. For those of you who are curious and are not stuck to deep in the comfortable “we have our own preferred suppliers”, SELF-leadership and greytogreen could be a new basic piece of Lego.

greytogreen™ gave me a simple and common language, a liberating overview and many small insights.